When to Wear Brown Shoes

Posted by admin on July 5, 2017 in Shoes

Brown shoes…It can be tricky trying to find clothes to wear with them. The rule was to never wear black trousers with brown shoes but brown shoes can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Just follow some of our simple rules and tips.

Instead of wearing your new brown shows with your black suit trousers why not make the switch to navy. A navy suit with a dark brown shoe can look great but you then need to consider your shirt, tie and belt. Obviously you should always wear a pair of shoes which match your belt so the first investment you need to make to compliment your dark brown shoes is a dark brown belt. Now lets think about your shirt. It easy to think that a Navy shirt is the way to go but this is a big no no. Try a light blue shirt or even a dash of pink. This will break your colour scheme up. I know its quite a bit of work to accompany your dark brown shoes but trusts us you wont regret it.

A grey suit also works really well with a pair of brown shoes. It’s best to keep going with the darker shades of brown. The general rule of thumb is if you are going formal than get a dark brown shade of shoes or even Ox Blood but if its a casual day go light but more on that in a minute. Wear  a mid grey suit with a white shirt and you cant go wrong.

On those casual days your new found knowledge of brown shoes have opened up a whole new world of jeans, tweed and corduroy. Unlike conventional black shoes you can stock up a multitude of shades when it comes to brown footwear. Keep it simple when it comes to crafting your casual look. a pair of dark trousers, a white T shirt and a pair of camel Chelsea Boots will make sure you always look good no matter where you go at the weekend.

Remember this. Brown shoes are the best colour to choose when wearing a navy suit. The darker the shade the better. If you are in the office a grey suit is the way to go with your brown footwear and pick yourself up a pair of brown suede Chelsea Boots for your casual weekends. You can never go wrong with these.

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