3 Running Shoes for 2017

Posted by admin on July 5, 2017 in Trainers

Are you looking to take up running? It can be the best way to lose a few pounds but also build up your stamina and with no gym fees it’s something you can start today and continue forever…in saying that though one thing you should invest in is a good pair of running shoes. If you continue to run in shoes with little or no support or impact cushioning then you could be looking at some pretty nasty injuries in the not to distant future. Thats why we have listed some of the best running shoes in the market right now.

The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 is a really lightweight trainer. If you are into distance running then this trainer is soft enough to handle a 10K, 20K or marathons. If speed is what you are after then the Zante v3 is light enough to fit the bill. They are available in an assortment of colours for the fashion conscious out there. It comes in at around £80.


If you want to spend your mornings tearing through the muddy trails of the countryside or work your way up the hills of the moors then these are the trainers for you. The Challenger ATR3 is (believe it or not) the third incarnation of these running shoes and they have tweaked the design slightly since the ATR 2. There is a bit more room in the toes and the sole has been designed differently so you can cut through the dirt at a much quicker pace with less chance of taking a tumble. You can grab a pair today for about £100.



The Brooks Ravenna 8 is perfect for long runs so if you are an aspiring marathon runner then this might be the trainer for you. In saying that if you are running at a pace then this is a good shoe for that too. The most recent update is a much softer trainer and has more lift off the toe. The sole has been designed to smooth the gap between your heel and your forefoot. A very comfortable running shoe and at around £90 it wont break the bank.



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